Vanilla Visa Gift Card – A fully personalized gift card!

Vanilla Visa Gift Card is a beautiful gift card Designed especially in the light of expression of true love and care. When words fail to impress, Vanilla Visa Gift Card comes to help.

Visa Gift Card

These are fully personalized cards which are easy to use and shop at all stores of your nation. Thus, be it a merchant of MasterCard prepaid or Visa card, Vanilla Prepaid card can be used anywhere (and everywhere). Alternatively, these can be used for making the online and offline purchase. You can buy these high-end gift cards are easily available for purchase at local stores, Walmart outlet or offline channels.

Vanilla Visa Gift Card highlights

Your Vanilla Prepaid card is available for purchase at online and offline stores. Likewise, you can easily personalize your Vanilla Prepaid and top with the requisite balance amount (as per your financial situation). These can be in denominations of 25$, 50$ going up to 200$ in MasterCard prepaid card range and of up to 250$ in Visa card balance top up.

Likewise, you need to pay an activation fee for the above card, yet no other hidden charges are taken. However, you need to pay foreign exchange processing fee of 2.5% for each gift card such taken.

Vanilla Visa Gift Card advantage

As per the Visa card and MasterCard prepaid requirements, all such Vanilla Prepaid cards carry an expiry date. However, the card has an expiry date but not your main balance! If your card is near to the expiry date, then contact the Vanilla Prepaid website immediately. You can easily get a new card with last balance amount.

The Vanilla Prepaid cards come pre-activated from the purchase point itself. This means that the cashier will activate your card immediately on purchase. So, if you don’t activate the card, it has no value. Thus, always use the card number and customer service representative numbers in your pocket to avoid any issues that may arise in the course of the usage.

In extremely rare cases, the Vanilla Prepaid card may take 24 hours to get activated or funds to be shown on the card. The average time period for card activation is typically 60 minutes to one-hour post actual activation at the store.

Reloading the gift card

It is important to note that the Vanilla Prepaid card is neither reloadable neither refundable. Likewise, you cannot transfer the funds back to the normal visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.

Furthermore, you cannot transfer any funds back to the card and vice-versa. This makes the card a safest option for usage.

Moreover, these cards are extremely convenient for usage and gifting. All this makes the cards the best way to express your feelings for the recipient in a budget friendly manner. Instead of scrutinizing the market for finding the best gift and ending up buying things out of the budget, it is best to invest in these Vanilla visa gift card or prepaid cards for having the best results.

Happy gifting!