Some Simple and Easy-to-follow Ways to Check Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance

Summary: This article deals with the methods of checking the balance in the vanilla visa gift card.

Maintaining a vanilla visa gift card requires you to keep an update on the offers, discounts and benefits attached with these cards. The other main thing being to check vanilla gift card balance, if you are not aware of the available balance in your card then it would be difficult for you to continue receiving the rewards of the gift cards.

Gift Card Balance

In order to know the balance, you have to follow some basic steps mentioned below:

  1. Once you receive the card, it is mandatory for you to register your mobile number with the official website of visa cards. This is done because if the number is updated then you will automatically receive the message regarding the available balance on your mobile phone whenever the transaction is done.
  2. The second method is going on the visa website and exploring the option of checking the balance, once you visit the website you will be asked to enter the 16 digit card number and passcode. The website will provide all the details regarding the available balance and the history of transactions made.
  3. Here comes the third option which requires calling the customer care executive, the toll free number will be present at the back of your gift card. Even on call the service executive will ask you about the card number, after you provide you will receive the balance either on email or through message.
  4. The last method is little difficult and can provide inaccurate values. You must calculate the amount deducted from the receipts you receive from the previous shopping’s. This may lead to miscalculation hence considered inaccurate.

The other important point which must be considered as soon as you get the card is the signature! Once you get your card, sign the card immediately because without the signature you will not be allowed to use the card while making purchases.

These gift cards are generally non reloadable, which means once you load the card and finish the amount the card must be discarded off. Hence it is suggested that you fund the card with enough amount is exhausted. This way you can keep a track on the amount you spend and the budget can be maintained easily.

The popularity of these cards is increasing day by day hence they are in demand; they are the perfect gifting options to your loved ones. It saves a lot of money and time; to make them feel special you can get their name embossed on the card. If I were the recipient then I would have really appreciated your work and present. But you must always warn them on the key point of how to check vanilla visa gift card balance. Make sure to provide all the information you have received along with the card to your loved ones.