NA LoL Account: Connecting To The North American Server

League of Legends is one of the most renowned and popular MOBA games right now, which is being distributed by the Free-to-play model. The game’s monthly audience gets to over 100 million players. Up to date, all LoL players are distributed throughout the 10 dedicated servers. The most attended among them, however, is still the one located in Northern America.

NA LoL Account

Unfortunately, if you already have an account attached to some other server, you won’t be able to connect to the North American one. NA LoL accounts were created to resolve this issue. They are available at, and you can take a look at such accounts’ features in the catalog:

Why Choose NA Server?

So why does a vast majority of players tend to choose the North American server?

    • new vivid gameplay impressions. Many beginner LoL players, being unfamiliar with the games’ nuances, rarely feel the necessity of reconnecting to another server. Nevertheless, once you reach a certain level of skill, competing with local players becomes not so exciting – you start to crave for new heights. The North American server is the best place to expand your gameplay opportunities – it is the most ‘crowded’ LoL server in the world. There, you will find American and many more other players from every corner of the Earth, which opens many more exhilarating competitive opportunities.

  • an ability to become a cyber sportsman. In 2013, the USA equated professional League of Legends players with professional sportsmen and began giving them special ‘athlete visas’ of P-1 category. It is only obvious that your gameplay capabilities may give you a chance to achieve a new sportive status on top of making your leisure more fun. It’s best to start realizing your ambitions on the American server – that’s where it all happens.

  • an ability to buy unique skins. As it is known, many skins can’t be found for sale ‘just like that’. Moreover, some of them are seasonal. If you wish to own one of the rarest skins, an NA LoL account is just the thing you need!

Bottom Line

In order to purchase an NA LoL account, simply visit our library. We have the most pleasant prices and the best customer service!

NA LoL Account