Hong Kong Serviced Apartment – Everything You Want to Know

Looking to move from your parents’ home or moving to college in another city? It is time to search for an apartment and if you are first time tenant, there are certain things you want to note. There’s a right way and a wrong way to approach the dilemma of first time apartment rental and we will examine that next.

The Right approach

First impressions are everything and the leasing manager is looking for a responsible tenant that will have the ability to care for the flat, pay utilities and rent in time and reside peaceably with other tenants in that area. So avoid torn clothes, shabby appearances, and unkempt hair. Avoid chewing gum and plugged headsets while discussing the rental.

Sai Ying Pin Serviced Apartment

Be prepared

While searching for anĀ hong kong serviced apartments monthly remember there will be costs involved. The first cost you may encounter will be the program fee generally anywhere between 25 and 50.00. This amount will be needed at the time of submitting the application. It is usually the expense of conducting a background and credit check. This amount is generally non-refundable. Then there might be a deposit that differs from apartment to apartment. Even though this is refundable in the event your application is refused for any reason, you may or may not get it back immediately which might be a frustrating especially if you get denied more than once. When you have been approved, you might be asked to think of a security deposit. Again this differs from apartment to apartment. These days, many flats are attaching the amount of the security deposit to your credit score. The lower your credit score the greater the security deposit is very likely to be. Additionally, there are flats which cost between 1 to 3 weeks of rent as the security deposit. Again, the sum can get higher if your credit is irregular.

Do your homework?

Do not just let the first Sai Ying Pin Serviced Apartment that you see, do your homework. The best way to have an accurate assessment of an apartment is find somebody who lives there who can provide you information. You can have a friend who lives in an apartment. Ask them the advantages and disadvantages of living there and all of the expenses involved. Sometimes you may like an apartment complex but you do not know anybody who lives there who can provide you any information. If that is the case, get online and type the name of the apartment complex and you will certainly pull up some reviews, both positive and negative. Use them to make a determination.