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We all like a little bit of entertainment news. We want to know more about them. One of the biggest curiosities is how much money they earn and how they earn. Moreover we also want to know about the fancy assets that they own in far off lands. This gives a greater perspective to us about the different celebrities. We often like to compare different celebrities even at from different fields in terms of net worth. If you want information like these about different celebrities then one of the best source of such information is definitely the Here you will find all the news about their earnings which is updated on a regular basis.

Some of the most interesting articles in this website relate to the following:

Young Billionaires

In this website you will find net worth of billionaires who are still in their youth. All the young and successful people who are also super rich are ranked in order of their net worth. Along with their net worth you also get to know about these people and what made them so successful and rich in the first place, these articles and ideas may inspire people to get bright ideas and to start businesses similar to those.  Moreover as these people are very young it inspires the young and the upcoming people to look at new and unorthodox career options.


There are many super rich celebrities around the world who earn millions every year but what tells a lot about their true character is how much do they do for the society as a whole. For some of these celebrities giving it back to the society of which they are a part is very important. Here at the there is ranking based on the total amount spent by celebrities on charity. Apart from the amount you also get to know what kind of charity organization they support. This helps the general public to support their favorite celebrities cause and also creates a lot of awareness.

Best Selling Music Albums

Great music does not necessarily mean great commercial success. At this website you will get to know about the top music albums commercially. Here you also have all the information about your favorite music albums. Like how many copies it has sold and how much money it has made since its release.