5 Steps to a Roll on Bed Liner

A roll on bed liner is a quick way to save money and get a better looking truck at precisely the exact same time. This is a painting job. However, it is about as straightforward as a painting job can be. See, truck bed paint is really easy to work with, as it is so thick and covers so well. Here are the 5 simple steps to installing a bed coating you.

  1. Get the ideal materials.

It requires bed liner paint and some other things too. And, you are going to want at least 5 quarts of paint for a full size truck. A gallon is not enough. Get auto paint cleaner. Acetone works too. Get loads of abrasive pads or plain old coarse sandpaper. Do not forget masking tape also.

  1. Wash the surfaces right.

That is where the paint cleaner or acetone comes in. See, wax or grease will keep the paint from sticking right. That is why it is essential to find the surfaces to be coated as clean as you can. Clean it before you do some sanding. Sand initially and you grind the wax or grease into the paint. Not good.

Roll on Bed Liners

  1. Scratch the paint.

Scratching paint is not usually a great thing. In this case that is what you need — scratched paint. You want a really aggressive sanding job. That is your best chance of having perfect sticking of the paint to the truck.

  1. Roll on the paint.

After all of the preparation, the paint program is a breeze. This is truly simple material to work with. It is so thick it levels out after you put it on. That way any brush or roller marks are coated. It is so thick it covers bed harm nicely too. Placing on theĀ best roll on bedliner is the simple, fun part.

  1. Heal it first.

Only for a few days, but the paint coat requires a couple of days to get tough.

A roll on bed liner is a quick way to enhance the appearance of an older truck. Finding the coating to last and stick is simple if you follow a few straightforward steps. The actual key is the groundwork. Putting the paint is the simplest part.